Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly Update!

¡Buenas Días!

This week was a pretty good one. It was a pretty normal week, well, as normal as you can get in Portland!  We've seen some success among the  investigator front!  We now have two progressing investigators and we found a few new investigators as well!  Prayer is something very real and I am so grateful for it. Heavenly Father really does listen to us!

Last Monday for Memorial Day we treated ourselves to a lunch at Famous Dave’s and went downtown blaring patriotic music. It was an awesome day remembering those who have served our country. We stopped in this fun looking store with all these funny shirts and weird knick knacks and the stuff we found blew my mind. I was walking with one of the sister missionaries around this store when she gasps and whispers "PERFECT!" And I see her walking up to a shelf with her hands out. She grabs, can you guess, a WICCAN SPELL BOOK!  It was crazy and we left immediately. Only in Portland.

We had dinner with an investigator this week. We had fish tacos, and I survived, and it was really nice. Her grandkids fell in love with Elder Laing and I and came over and sat on my lap while they were showing me how to play the game on their kindles. Romeo and Julian are my new best friends. This lady loves us and treats us as if we are family. We went over to say goodbye before transfers and she gave us hugs and we sat and talked for a while. I'm glad I'm staying in the area because I love this lady!

We did our weekly service with my girlfriends at Brookdale and I lost at Skip Bo!  I guess all my practice hasn't paid off quite yet. But I did play Sorry! with this lady named Gloria who NEVER loses, and I beat her. So, there's that.

No one signed up for dinner a few days ago so we went to Red Robin because Laing was craving a hamburger. It was delicious, which I'm sure you don't need to be told, but something amazing and wonderful happened. As we were getting ready to pay, our waiter comes over and tells us that someone had already paid for our meal!  How awesome is that?! I was so touched and couldn't believe it. We went over to the guy and it turns out his son is serving in Arizona and he wanted to return the favor and take care of our meal. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy and I just love that guy.

We went to our trailer park stomping grounds and found four new investigators. They're all under the age of 11 but they're the coolest kids ever. They're in this "biker gang". They ride around in this big pack and yell at us "Hey!!"  "Hey missionaries!"  One kid says "Hey baby!"  Coolest kids. Well, we decided to make a game of things and have them race and we asked them what the winner wanted. What did they say?  "Winner gets a Jesus book!"  They all wanted a Book of Mormon. But we didn't have any in English, they wanted English ones, so we gave them, pamphlets and had them read the, for our next visit. How awesome is that?!  What's even better is that we are trying to teach all their parents so now we have an "in" with the kids!

We got transfer calls and Elder Laing got transferred. He moved three minutes away and we are still in the same district but I'm distraught and depressed. We had a lot of fun together, probably the reason we were separated, but it was a lot of fun. We laughed a bunch and started seeing success and my life is over. Just kidding!  My new companion, Elder Goff, is super awesome. He goes home next transfer and was my Zone Leader when I was in Oregon City. I have to lead out our area now and I'm stressing hardcore because I barely know my way around and can barely speak Spanish, but the Lord will provide a way! He always does!

It's been a good week. We saw some success and made some room for a little fun. It's hard work. I was just talking with Elder Smith, they're here doing laundry, and we were saying how the mission is the hardest thing we've ever done. I still have a year and a half and it freaks me out to think that's how long I have. Its hard work and stressful and tiring and sometimes you just need a big ole Coke. But it is also one of the most amazing, spiritual, strengthening, fun, and greatest experiences I've ever had the chance to have.

I love you all and hope you're having a wonderful week. I have pictures coming soon, and be warned, I look good!!


Elder Keith

Elder Keith at transfer meeting

Elder Mugleston and I at Famous Dave's on Memorial Day

Elder Laing, Elder Viecco and I at transfer meeting. Elder Viecco went
home today and we ate dinner with him and his companion a lot this
transfer. He's awesome and shows off how tall Laing and I are.
Elder Goff and Elder Keith

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