Sunday, December 28, 2014

Made it to the MTC!

Elder Keith sent us his first letter from the MTC just a two short days after he arrived.  Here it is for your reading pleasure.  You'll all be glad to know that he hasn't lost his sense of humor or wit!  Enjoy!


I have been at the MTC for two days now and I have never spoken so much Spanish in my life!  My flight to Utah was terrible.  I was an hour late leaving Indianapolis, which made me an hour late to Denver.  I RAN to my gate and the plan had left already, leaving 15 people in Denver.  So they reroute me from Denver to Phenoix and then from Phenoix to Salt Lake.  I was supposed to get to Salt Lake at 5:00 but I didn't end up getting there until almost 10:30!

John was a wonderful host.  Very kind and considerate, but what else is expected from JBBABY!  He let me sleep in as long as I wanted because of the night I had and took me to a wonderful breakfast at a pancake house!

Originally, I had only one companion but someone didn't show up so now I'm in a trio.  Both Elder Gonzalez (mi companero original.....that's spanish for my original companion) and our addition Elder Sandall are both going to Argentina.  They're both really cool and we have fun together.  Our district only has four people in it.  The three of us and una hermana named Hermana Curnow.  Hermana Curnow and I are both going state side but everyone else in our zone is going to either Argentina, Panama, or Costa Rica!  

We met our branch presidency and they seem like just a bunch of loving and kind people!  We said our last prayer as a zone in English last night and from now on everything will be in spanish!  YIKES!  

Class is challenging but I haven't spoken any spanish in almost two years so it's coming back to me ever so slowly.  I had to say a prayer in spanish yesterday during class and I was so nervous but it ended up being okay.  We work for 14 hours a day, eat for two, and sleep for eight.  

Tonight we have to teach an investigator named Michaela.  ONLY IN SPANISH!  We are all so nervous.  I can understand 90% of what Hermano Barrett (mi maestro) is saying but once I'm finished translating, he's on to something else...and don't even bother asking me to speak.  It's getting better but there's still that barrier, but hey!  it's only been two days! 

On our P-days, we get to go to the temple and do a session.  The temple is like a million times the size of Louisville.  We had to walk around in a big circle and walk up stairs to find our room!  Everyone said the food is amazing and I'm just going to go crazy for the food.  Whoever that liar was deserves to eat the MTC food for the rest of their no-good lives.  It's not bad, but I wouldn't be running my mouth all around town saying how wonderful it is!  But we survive.  And we have workout time allotted each day.  I ran a mile on the elliptical and my legs still feel like jello but I like that we are almost being forced to workout because it's really going to help once we get out of here.  We can't leave the MTC except for temple walks and sessions.  I really need to get some mall food and some coke that has it's heavenly potential with caffeine.  

I was sitting thinking about the MTC and something interesting came to mind.  This place, the gated campus where people come to learn and prepare, is like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  At Hogwarts, students go to learn and further their education and to learn how to defend themselves.  Here, at the MTC, we are basically doing the same thing.  We are learning languages and how to teach gospel principles and preparing to go out into the world to not only help others come unto Christ, but to defend ourselves and those we teach and that are around us from the darkness of Satan.  Just a little thought I came across.  So if anyone asks, say I am at Hogwarts preparing to serve my mission in Halloweentown (they filmed it in Beaverton!)

We are the first group ever to be able to call home on Christmas from the MTC.  So on Thursday, between 3:15-5:15 mountain time, expect a call from me!  Mi dia de preparacion is on Friday so be looking for my emails on those days too!  

I adjusted well to life here at the MTC.  I'm really enjoying myself and am determined to learn this dirty rotten language.  It's going to be hard but I know it'll come to me when I most need it and when I'm ready!  

We all keep forgetting our cameras when we leave our room so no picturas esta semana.  

Forward this email to whoever you think would like it.  Kendra, Jessica, Amanda, Christine, Neighbor David, whoever and then in your response, send me their addresses so I can just send out one mass email!  

Te amo mucho y I will talk to you on Thursday!  

Elder Keith

p.s. There was a missionary from AUSTRALIA sitting behind me in one of our seminars and I was literally in heaven listening to this guy answer questions.  Es todo!  Adios! 

Here are some pictures from the big drop off: 

John, who dropped Tanner off sent this text after he said good bye:

 "Tanner was quite upbeat, positive and excited.  They have wrapped their arms around him.  The welcoming missionary is Elder Galbraith from the Bay Area who's going to Thailand.  It's all good." 

How exciting! We are all so happy that Elder Keith has started off on the right foot!

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