Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas from the MTC!

Elder Keith spent his first Christmas away from home this year!  He called on Christmas and was really excited to tell what he's been up too.  Here is the email we received this week.


I just talked with you but I've been writing down things I wanted to share with you but never got the chance to last night!  

1.  The lady in front of me on the flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake has a son who is serving in the Oregon Portland Mission....Spanish speaking!  What is that?!  What a small world!  She was showing me things on Facebook and telling me how fun our mission president is.  

2.  I got my packages from you and Jessica and I have so much candy I think I am going to die.  Combined, we all have enough candy for the entire branch to have a meal!  I shared some of my candy with my companions and Elder Sandall loved the divinity and wanted me to say "Thank you!"

3.  We were teaching an investigator and then all of the sudden we get a knock on our door durning class and we are now teaching two investigators.  We had to go straight to a building and teach this guy with no preparation.  Jorge, our investigator is intimidating and freaks me out. We are going to have to work pretty hard.

4.  There are so many Aussies (Australians for you Americans) here!  They are everywhere and whenever I hear them speak I get all wide-eyed and stop in my tracks, completely frozen in time, as I listen to their angelic voices dance through the air! 

Other than that, things are pretty much the same.  We go to breakfast, then class, then lunch, then class, then dinner, then class, then to bed.  And repeat.  

We had the day off for Christmas though and it was amazing.  Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us for our Christmas devotional about the doctrine of Christ and he compared it to a diamond with all it's different faccets.  His wife spoke to us about how we can have Christmas everyday while in the mission field and it includes:

1.  Participating in miracles
2.  Asking for angels (ancestors of those we are teaching) to be with us and help us
3.  Sing the songs of Zion to invite the spirit and have it with us
4.  Having an intense focus on Christ

it was a great devotional.

Then we had a Christmas program and my branch had to do the twelve days of Christmas.  It was embarrassing and I will make sure that no one ever volunteers us as tribute again!  Then we had a Christmas something where we had people from the Hale Center Theater come and sing for us and then we watched Ephriam's Courage.  It was a nice day!

Today we had to clean the temple and they wouldn't let the Elders clean the crystals in the chandeliers because "The Sisters appreciate it more!"  Uhm...excuse me?!  So what did I have to do?  Clean approximately 756 lockers, dust the walls (whaaat?), and wipe down the mirrors...with vinegar!  So a special thank you to the idiot Elders that ruined everyone else's chances of cleaning the crystals in the chandeliers.  But shoo...I tell you what, dem lockers ain't never looked so good in deir lifes!

Nothing else is really happening. life here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is basically the same.  

I want more mail!  Send me letter, or more importantly packages, along with the emails.  I like having things to open and physically touch.  

I'll try to send another email with pictures because I have no idea how to do it so those will be coming shortly.

I love you all and will talk to you on Friday!  

Elder Keith

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