Sunday, February 15, 2015


¡Hola, Hola, Hola!

How crazy is it that I've been in Oregon for two weeks?!  Time flies by!  Things are going great! We have two investigators with a baptismal date! Douglas is getting baptized on the 15th and Angel is getting baptized on the 22nd.  It's so exciting and I'm pumped for them.  It's going to be great!

Let's see...what happened this week?  We took Angel to the temple and the visitors center and watched Meet the Mormons with him.  This 17 year old kid said that the temple was "the most amazing building he's ever seen in his life" and he really enjoyed the movie!  We asked him how he felt being at the temple and was he was thinking and he said "Peace. I feel peace!"  How awesome is that?  The spirit is so strong at the temple and really touched his was perfect!

We went by this retirement home to sing.  I'm glad we had the opportunity to go and sing and brighten these people's day  I just wanted to sit and talk about the good old days...but we are busy kids, savings souls and such!  But I do know this: if my kids even THINK about putting me in one of them there "homes", they have another thing coming!

I got a library card!  Now I can go to the library and use the computers to update my Facebook and teach all my friends about this awesome gospel!  It's pretty awesome that we get to use Facebook to teach and share messages, but the library card is freaking ugly.

The other night we went to Gama's house for dinner.  Gama just came back from his mission in Colombia and we hang out with him a bunch and he comes out teaching with us.  He wanted to make authentic Colombian food because one of the Hermanas in our district, Hermana Santos, is from Colombia and they made fish.  If you know anything about's that I DO NOT do fish.  But I ate it....and it was good!  I ATE FISH!  And last night I had a salad for dinner....I also DO NOT do salad, but I ate it and it was good!  WHAT is happening to me?!

Things are going well but the work is freaking hard!  There is nothing more discouraging than going by someone's house and seeing them through the window, this actually happened...more than once, and they don't answer the door.  We are constantly trying to contact people and sometimes they open up and sometimes they don't...but that's all part of the work! We are so tired all the time so I guess that means we're doing something right!

This Sunday we had a couple of our investigators and a few less active members show up to church!  It was so amazing to see them come in and go to class and learn and participate and come to sacrament meeting. Their hearts are changing and they are feeling  the spirit and it is awesome. So exciting!

I'm not sure if any of you knew this but it rains here...a lot.  Not like a downpour type of rain, it's just a constant sprinkle that turns into a light drizzle that goes back to a constant sprinkle. It's just one big cycle of WET!  Like everything is wet.  All. The. Time. It's crazy!  But I love it.

The Spanish. Ugh!  It's hard. Really hard. It's been getting better but man!  The Spanish we learned in the MTC was one big fat lie and I can picture my teachers sitting back laughing at us because they know what it's really like!  We teach a couple of people in English which is such a blessing but I almost wish we didn't so I could practice and better my Spanish!  It'll get better, with prayer and studying, but I want it to be better now!!  I want to be fluent and speak perfect Spanish now but it's going to take time. All I need is faith!

I'm really having a great time!  Elder Halversen is awesome.  I'm lucky to have him as my trainer. He helps me a lot with the language and how to become a better missionary.  I learn something new everyday that helps me become better and he is just awesome.  We have a lot of fun and I know once I get the hang of things and get completely settled with the language and such, we are going to rock this place!

I hope everything is going well with all y'all.  I want to hear about the happenings of your lives! Write me!  I love emails and I really love old fashioned mail. I love you all and miss you lots!


Elder Keith

Elder Halverson and Elder Keith

If anyone knows Tanner, excuse me, Elder Keith, you would know that he doesn't have a very sophisticated palate.  Here is the fish he was talking about in his email.  Not only is it has a HEAD! Ha! 

When Elder Keith first arrived in Oregon, he was able to go and check out the Portland Temple.  Here is a picture from his visit! 

It sounds like Elder Keith has immersed himself into the work and the area.  How exciting!  These e-mails and pictures have been so fun.  He is definitely out of his comfort zone but look how happy he is!  We love him! Remember, he LOVES to get emails and letters.  And packages with candy and baked goods.  :)

Until next time! 


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