Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greetings from Portland!

Elder Keith made it to Portland safe and sound.  Here is his take on how the last 24 hours have gone:

Hello from Portland!

I made it!  I woke up at the crack of dawn yesterday, well I didn't really go to sleep, and got to Portland around 10:00 yesterday morning.  We were taken to the temple and were able to look around and stop at the Visitors Center.  It is such a beautiful temple!

Then we went and did some administrative things and had a couple interviews.  I had the opportunity of speaking with President Ballard and his wife.  They both are so nice and I am really excited to work with them!

My companion, Elder Halversen, is totally awesome!  He was supposed to be training a visa-waiter, we have a few missionaries who are waiting for their visas to Brazil and were reassigned here, but they swapped things around at the last minute and he got stuck with me!  He's super cool and is a great help.  I'm excited to work with him and learn from him. 

We are an i-Pad mission!  So on Thursday, I will be getting my i-Pad and I'm so excited!  I don't have to carry around two sets of scriptures!  It's going to be so cool to learn how to teach people with the i-Pad and I'm excited to use those resources to help bring others closer to Christ. 

The Spanish is rough.  I feel like I didn't learn a thing in the MTC.  Not really, I learned a lot of Spanish but it's definitely going to be a struggle but I know with lots of hard work and faith that everything will come to me and become easier. 

Let's see....not much else has happened...I've only been here for 24 hours!  I have my address but I left them in the car like a Dinkus so just update the address on my blog to the mission home address.  It's sometimes easier to send things there so they can just forward things to us.  But once I get my i-Pad and get it situated, I'll send you my address for my apartment so people can send me goodies.  What kind of mental retard writes down the address and then forgets to bring it into the library....the same mental retard that has to send emails from the library like some poor old Joe.

I miss Elder Gonzalez a lot but I know he is doing great things in Argentina...if he's even there yet!  I'm excited to work with Elder Halversen and learn from him.  Well, that's seriously about it.  I don't have much to say...I've only been here a day.  There's lots of lots of friggen fog!  We were driving last night(only one area in our mission walks) and we couldn't see the other lane....NUTS!  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is wet.  Like everything is wet.  But this is going to be awesome!  

Until next week! 

Love you much,

Elder Keith
As always, he has a sense of humor about things!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, he made it to the place where he will be working and serving for the next chapter in his life.  Say a prayer for Elder Keith, I know he will feel those blessings!

Until next time :)

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