Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

The weeks are just flying by for Elder Keith.  Here is the latest!


Happy New Year from the MTC!  It was just another day here filled with classes and nasty food.  We had three lessons to teach and they all went really well!  Our Spanish was much better than it has been before and our investigators seem interested in the gospel!  Even Jorge, who by far is our toughest investigator, seems to be opening up to our messages.  We had a lesson planned on prayer and we barely spoke about prayer and were talking with him for almost an hour about the after life (his son died of cancer when he was 14) and we was really interested in what we had to say!  He said the closing prayer in our lesson last night and it was amazing!  So we are making some progress for sure!

This past week has been a funny one!  To start things off, Elder Sandall was playing volleyball and sprained the kablooie out of his ankle and was put on crutches.  What makes this accident so funny is that gym time had just started.  We were seriously playing for two minutes when I see this guy laying on the floor holding his ankle.  I'll spare you from the pictures but it looked like someone pumped his ankle full of air and painted it purple.  YUCK!  

Then we had another teacher, who was our investigator Michaela, teach us about stress relief and she is the funniest person I've ever met!  I've never laughed so hard!  She was telling us that on her very first day in the field, she rolled out some towel and started bowing down like she was praying, like a Muslim and after she said her real prayer they get into bed and her companion goes "....Hermana.....why do you pray like that?"  and she answers by saying "Because I'm a convert!"  I was rolling!  The funniest day by far!

Every Sunday we have a devotional and Richard Elliott, the MoTab organist came and played for us and spoke about how music changes people.  THEN, we had a special guest come and sing a bunch for us and talk about his mission.  DAVID ARCHULETA came and sang a bunch and it was really nice.  The sisters were going absolutely nuts and it was hilarious.  He sang the closing hymn and told us to join in on the last verse, so I got to sing with David Archuleta. 

I am proud to say that I, Elder Tanner Keith, can pray in Spanish without looking at my book!  My companion, Elder Gonzalez, whose dad is from Mexico and served in Spain, and whose mom is from Peru said that my prayers are really good and make perfect sense.'s about ya'll come at me!  If that isn't amazing improvement, I don't know what is! 

The relationships I've built here are amazing and I know they are life long because they were bonded on the gospel and spirit of Christ.  Our entire zone is one big family and one district leaves in 10 days and it's sad!  One hermana, Hernama Walfield, and I will sing and rap different songs together and goof around.  Elder Gonzalez and I memorized the First Vision in Spanish and made up a song to it and we are convinced that upon our arrivals home, Elder Gonzalez and I are starting a rap career.  A rap career based on gospel stories and lessons from Predicad Mi Evangelio (Preach My Gospel) and because of this rap career, the entire world will be converted!  Wishful thinking...but that's the type of things we do together and we are all such good friends and I'm so glad I was able to meet these people.  

The camera adapter doesn't work with the heavenly restrictions on the MTC computers so I have to get pictures from those who bought the adapters from the MTC store....don't get me started! 

Not much else is happening.  The schedule is the same.  The food is still....something else.  There is nothing I wouldn't give to have a real coke. Just another week at the Provo MTC, I guess!  :)

Keep sending emails and letters.  I love the mail and getting to hear from you all!  

I miss and love you all!  Estoy Agradecido por mi Redentor Jesucristo y sin fe en Jesucristo, tenemos nada.  (I am grateful for my Redeemer Jesus Christ and without Faith in Jesus Christ, we have nothing!)  See.....I'm learning something!


Elder Keith

Here are some pictures he sent as well! 

 Christmas Day!

 On Wednesdays we wear pink

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